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Calibration Laboratories Across Africa


Accreditation Body

Accredited Parameters

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EGAC (Egypt)   


Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Physical, Medical Electric Quantities/DC and Low Frequency quantities, Electrical quantities/Microwave and High Frequency quantities, Magnetic quantities, Time and Frequency, External Dimemsional quantities, Roughness, Angle gauges, Dimensional gauges, Force, Mass, Pressure, Torque,Accoustical quantities, fluid quantities (availability to create sub levels)     


MAURITAS (Mauritius)  

Mass, Temparature, Dimensional Calibration



​NiNAS (Nigeria)Pressure, Temparature, Voltage, Mass​

SADCAS (Botswana)

Dimensions, Temperature, Mass, Volume,
DC Voltage, Electrical 


SANAS (South Africa)

Acoustics & Vibration, Dimensional, Electrical DCLF, Electrical RF, Fibre Optics, Flow, Force,
Gas Metrology / Chemical, Humidity, Mass & Volume, Photometry, Pressure, ​
​Radio Activity / Dosimetry, Temperature, Time & Frequency, Viscosity, Wind Speed           

ENAO (Ethiopia)

Mass, Temperature, V​olume

​​​KENAS (Kenya)

​​​​​​​​Alternating Current (AC), Direct Current (DC), Resistance, Pressure, Mass, Temparature, Humidity, Volume, Flow, Force/Hardness, Torque, Dimension, Time, Frequency, Revolution/Rotary Speed.